The Teachable Moment

You know the story, everything is ticking along in just the right way then…BOOM!, and nothing is the same.

The school I am partnered with was on an extended campus for 8 to 12 students. However, that’s no more. They announced that the school was dividing from the high school and becoming its own 8 and 9 individual school. On the surface this doesn’t seem like it would change much, but that would be untrue. Everything changed, from the time one of our team had to spend on the project, to the “new” prioritized needs according to the students. In their opinion this is a fantastic opportunity to put all this learning into practice, to switch focus and concentrate on making their school as inclusive as possible. Therefore they will be fully emerging themselves in that process. Discovering what the voice of the school village people want. Determining what would draw everyone together, and basically trying to create equity in their “new school”.

Meetings abound, decisions fly and they determine it starts with getting the people to speak….now how to do that?

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